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Hi Everyone!

Our Kick off to Summer Show is just around the corner and I hope your kids are getting excited! Please feel free to invite family and friends to enjoy an evening of gymnastics and ninja tricks! Just a few reminders to help things run nice and smoothly!

If you know your child will be unable to attend their scheduled show(show schedule listed below), please reply to this email by June 1st so we can plan accordingly! Any student that misses their show, will be given their medal the following week at their regularly scheduled class.

What to wear: Girls should wear a leotard. They can wear shorts over their leotard if they would like. Hair should be pulled back and out of their faces. Boys can wear black athletic shorts and a green or gray t-shirt.

When to arrive: All participating gymnasts and ninjas should be dropped off at 5:30pm on the date of their scheduled show.

Cost: There will be a cash donation bucket located in the lobby instead of an admittance fee.

What to expect: Each show will last a duration of 1-2 hours depending on how many kids participate. During the show, All class students will warm up and participate in an obstacle course showing off the skills they have been working on this year. Our Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes will also be performing a short dance for you to enjoy! Our competitive gymnasts will be performing during each show to give everyone an idea of the broad range of competitive gymnastics we offer here at MGC. At the end of each show, class students will gather on the blue floor to receive a medal from their teacher and give parents a chance to take a picture!

Show 1: Wednesday, June 12th 6:00pm

         All Apprentice Ninja Students, all All On My Own Students, and all Me & My Grown Up Students

Show 2: Thursday, June 13th 6:00pm

         Monday, Tuesday and Friday Adept Ninja Students, Monday Beginner Students, Thursday and Saturday Intermediate class students, and all Combo class students

Show 3: Friday, June 14th 6:00

   Wednesday Beginner, all Beginner boys and Thursday Beginner girls students, Saturday Beginner students, Friday Intermediate students, all Advanced Class Students, Thursday Adept Ninja class, all MMA/ Ninja class, and all Tumbling classes.

Please note that our classes are running the entire month of June with the exception of the 12th-14th.

Don’t forget to sign up for summer classes! Those who are enrolled for summer classes get 1st pick at fall classes. Priority registration makes sure you get the fall class you want.

Summer camps are filling, but we still have spaces available. We are offering 7 weeks of camp and 1 week of Ninja Camp this summer. Sign up through your parent portal by clicking this link:

Sign up through your parent portal under Events, or call or email the office. 603-784-5161