About Us

We love teaching gymnastics!

Monadnock Gymnastics Center was started in 2016 due to a need for a high-quality gymnastics program in the Peterborough area. Gymnastics provides people of all ages the opportunity to feel success, to have fun, and to improve their physical abilities. We encourage everyone to go after their dreams and work their hardest to reach their goals. We want to help individuals become more disciplined and focused, and to improve their overall health.

Our programs give each participant a chance to have fun while discovering new skills such as balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, speed, and discipline. We believe in presenting our students with opportunities to discover their unique interests & skills.

Creativity in teaching methods sets Monadnock Gymnastics Center apart from our competitors. At Monadnock Gymnastics Center, we believe that a child must have fun and truly enjoy what he or she is doing to learn successfully. Our teachers are trained in the most effective and current methods of teaching. We produce high quality results in a positive atmosphere, helping each student get to their highest potential. Each gymnast can move up through the levels at a steady pace when they are both mentally and physically ready.