Our Classes

toddler classes

Our toddler gymnastics program gives your little one a chance to have fun while discovering new skills such as balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, speed, and discipline. We believe in presenting children with opportunities to discover their unique interests & skills. Gymnastics training, even at the most basic level, lays a foundation that can benefit a child’s overall development.

Babies & Their Buddies:
Ages 6 to 12 months. 30 minutes. This class provides moms, dads, grandparents or other loved ones quality playtime with their little star. Every class is full of play based learning and motor activities to help your toddler develop. Gross motor skills are a focus in our safe but playful learning environment.

Me & My Grown-Up:
Ages 12 months to 3 years. 45 minutes. For the child that wants to give gymnastics a try, and wants to have mommy or daddy right there in the gym with them. We will start with a short warm-up and then try some circuits with things to climb over, jump on, and hang from. This class is all about fun!


preschool classes

Our preschool classes are a great way to develop and focus your child’s natural energy. Apart from basic gymnastics skills and terms, they will learn to follow directions, build confidence and gain valuable social skills.

All On My Own!:
Age 3 yrs. -5 yrs. 45 minutes. This class is an introduction to gymnastics where children develop and advance their foundational skills. Children learn gross motor skills, how to follow an obstacle course and beginning skills on floor, balance beam, and bars.

Gymnastics classes

Our gymnastics classes begin with basic skills to give all our athletes a strong foundation. We place participants in classes based on age, with others of a similar level. Students advance or “move up” to the next level of class whenever they hit skill milestones. Our classes are focused on personal achievement and reaching individual goals. We teach with high energy and passion and are full of encouragement and positive reinforcement.

1 hour. Ages 6 and up. This is a fun class for anyone new to gymnastics. These fun and engaging classes will help your child develop the strength, flexibility, and coordination necessary not only for gymnastics, but for all sports. This class will teach all basic skills and terms that are needed to move into an intermediate class.

One and a half hours. Ages 6 and up. This class is for children who have mastered all the basics learned in the Beginner classes and are ready to learn more.Teacher recommendation required.

2.5 hours. Ages 7 and up. This class is for students who are serious about continuing with gymnastics and learning new skills, but who are still looking for a laid back and fun environment in which to perfect their skills. Teacher recommendation required.

1 hr. Ages 6 and up. Whether you know a boy who is a natural athlete, or one who simply has seemingly endless amounts of energy to burn, this is the program for him!
These classes will concentrate on building proper gymnastics basics on the floor exercise, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, and horizontal bar, in an energetic & dynamic class environment. Boys in our program will learn self-discipline and strength with fun & enthusiasm!

Combo Gym/Dance:
The perfect mix for your child to explore both GYMNASTICS and DANCE! This class is a 1/2 hour of gymnastics in the gym and a 1/2 hour of dance in the dance room.

Tumbling classes

In this program, the students will work toward mastering skills on the floor exercise, starting with the basics and working their way up to the high flying skills! This program is offered to boys and girls, first grade & up, interested in floor exercise only. In this program, participants learn a variety of skills on the floor and how to properly use the tumble track and trampolines to complement their floor skills. All classes pay special attention to technique, form, mastering the basics, progressing towards more advanced skills, muscle strengthening exercises and having a lot of fun!

1 hr. Ages 6 & up. This class is for students who have little or no experience with tumbling. Focus will be on basic skills and progressions for moving to the next level. During this class, students will use our trampoline, air track, spring floor, and the many different mats and training tools we have to progress their tumbling. Some of the basic skills they will be learning are: Forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, bridges and kickovers, limbers, cartwheels and round-offs and more!

1hr. Ages 7 & up. Students in this class should have mastered basic skills and strength and are ready to learn more. Teacher recommendation required.During this class, students will get to use our many training tools and mats, our trampoline, airtrack, and spring floor. This class will focus on back handsprings, front handsprings, aerials, and running tumbling. We try to individualize what each tumbler is working while still following the proper progressions to help them toward their goals.


Private Lessons

A private lesson is the perfect opportunity to work one on one with a qualified instructor. You pick the skill(s) you want to work on and we will work with you to find a coach that best suits your needs! You may want to consider a private lesson if your child is having a difficult time mastering a certain skill. One on one instruction time may help them better understand that skill, as well as give them the opportunity for more practice time. At Monadnock Gymnastics Center we offer individual private lessons (one on one) or buddy private lessons (2 students with one instructor). Private lessons typically last 30 minutes. Contact our main office to schedule your private lesson!